Pedigree of: Diamant Dion Van Panhuising NL.NCT 2001-4063 Lilac Point
Sex M Reg No. NL.NCT 2001-4063
Date of Birth 8 Mar 2001 Breed SIA c
Owner Feenstra, T.A.M. Breeder Panhuis-Huising, Th.M.
Colour & Markings Lilac Point Call Name Dion
Comments Dion ging naar de andere kant van de regenboog op 12 april 2007. Hij overleed als gevolg van nierfalen. Hij zal altijd in de gedachten blijven van hen die hem hebben gekend.
Chamrone Pinanzoboy GCCF CS 318318 Lilac Point Soosoo Sealof Approval GCCF CS 114017 Seal Point Gr.Ch. Chamrone Coolmillion GCCF NS 308803 Seal Point Gr.Ch. Lovinamist Limelight GCCF NS 234407 Seal Point Gr.Ch. Lovinamist Cavalier GCCF NS 099533 Seal Point
Shekoe Claudia GCCF NS 2GCCF NS 2000604 Seal Point
Chamrone Fearless Princess GCCF NS 236263 Seal Point Ch. Arasian Fearless GCCF NS 200480 Seal Point
Fistra Disco Dancer GCCF NS 205210 Seal Point
Ch. Adixiam Lilac Waterlily GCCF CS 072556 Lilac Point Ch. Simone Ragged Robin GCCF NS 237727 Chocolate Point Gr.Ch. Zenobia Blue Urchin GCCF NS 184200 Blue Point
Simone Sanfairyanne GCCF NS 204336 Chocolate Tabby Point
Oyibo Aileen GCCF CS 060040 Seal Point Aduam Duke Ellyngton GCCF NS 265996 Chocolate Point
Oyibo Crackers Minto GCCF NS 232686 Blue Point
Sylben Shimmering Sea GCCF CS 178959 Seal Point Ch. Pioneer Dashing Cavalier GCCF NS 234582 Lilac Point Ch. Quintral Magicman GCCF OS 252598 Lilac Point Ch. Quintral Moonsilver GCCF OS 234418 Blue Point
Ch. Quintral Pettifleur GCCF OS 230245 Lilac Point
Sanmar Aphrodite GCCF NS 136475 Blue Point Ch. Maytime Landucci GCCF NS 013767 Lilac Point
Palissy Cordelia GCCF NS 018452 Seal Point
Ginnistam Jinee GCCF CS 118780 Seal Point Gr.Ch. Saralou Shintu GCCF NS 320496 Seal Tabby Point Gr.Ch.Int. Caliganza Kasmin GCCF NS 174086 Chocolate Tabby Point
Subairn Zipperdidoo GCCF NS 268997 Seal Point
Ch. Ginnistam Jaren GCCF CS 074917 Chocolate Point Ch. Tabbra Truffles GCCF NS 267419 Chocolate Point
Hooligan Cinnabar GCCF NS 303894 Chocolate Point
Imagine Malou Van Kimba's Rumah NL.NCT 984297 Chocolate Point Eur.Ch. Michanash Randolph Rudi GCCF CS 293535 Seal Tabby Point Ch. Anorwa Attaboy GCCF NS 308934 Chocolate Tabby Point Supreme Gr.Ch. Zachary Apollo GCCF NS 157971 Chocolate Tabby Point Gr.Ch. Okesha Star Galaxy GCCF NS 122932 Seal Point
Simone Bat Cat GCCF NS 125476 Seal Tabby Point
Zenobia Angelic Witchcraft GCCF NS 233097 Chocolate Tabby Point Gr.Ch. Avena Tobias GCCF NS 184424 Seal Tabby Point
Gracelands Zamandra GCCF NS 129762 Lilac Point
Siamcat Nemesis GCCF CS 258453 Seal Point Ch. Penenden Tobias GCCF NS 203902 Seal Point Ch. Sislinki Telstar GCCF NS 004269 Seal Point
Pebblebeach Honey GCCF NS 128959 Seal Point
Zeppelin Petite Fleur GCCF CS 078383 Seal Tabby Point Gr.Ch. Zeppelin Wellington GCCF NS 304369 Seal Tabby Point
Ch. Zeppelin Madonna GCCF NS 234915 Seal Tabby Point
Ch. Isabeau Van Kimba's Rumah NL.NCT 964424 Lilac Point Gr.Ch.Int. Heathlands Kelolo GCCF CSSR 289090 Lilac Point Ch. Shermese Icebreaker GCCF NS 307178 Lilac Point Ch. Sunsylph Allegro GCCF NS 099638 Lilac Point
Talmond Tahnee GCCF NS 270649 Chocolate Point
Heathlands Llliki GCCF CSSR 251770 Seal Point Gr.Ch. Shermese Startiger GCCF CS 180854 Seal Tabby Point
Langfranc Guinevere GCCF CSSR 150368 Lilac Point
Taothai Cha Fergie NL.NCT 934161 Seal Point EUR Ch. Shelterpoint's Valentine NL.NCT. I894420 Lilac-tabbypoint Pitlochry's Easy Rider NL.FE.L88.SI.050.1 Chocolate Tabby Point
Shelterpoint's Oncilla NL.MU.L90.OK.NL.036 Lilac Silver Tabby Mackerel
Ch. Taothai Cha Zelia NL.NCT 924068 Cinnamon Point Eur.Ch. Bas-Silicum van het Heuveltje NL.NCT 914363/NL.MU.R91.S2.010.2 Cinnamon Point
Ch. Apri Sixpence GCCF CSSR 158704 Chocolate Point
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