Pedigree of: Ardeleana's Joris Driepinter NL.NCT.2006-4408 Havana
Sex M Reg No. NL.NCT.2006-4408
Date of Birth 1 Oct 2006 Breed OSH b
Owner Lewis, Susan Breeder Bloks, Thom
Colour & Markings Havana Call Name
Comments He passed to the other side of the rainbow as a result of liver failure.

Susan wrote:
He fathered two of my kittens; both of whom are in my heart forever. So I have a bit of him still in house. I did not know that I loved him so deeply. He knew. He was the first to greet me at the door and slept next to me the whole night. When he could, he slept in my lap while I was working, and I miss him greatly.
Ch. Kachelle Boy from Oz 04GC20621 Havana Gold Ch. Kachelle Keevandi GGCCF CS 4172 Chocolate Point Gr.Ch. Tingsoo Chocolat Zedekiah GGCCF CS 4126 Chocolate Point Gold Dbl.Gr.Ch. Lovegrove Ned Kelly FCC S 6012331 Seal Point Dbl.Gr.Ch.&CCCA Ch. Lovegrove Hot Chocolat FCC N 97024 Havana
Lovegrove Tiger Rose FCC N 98534 Seal Point
CH. Tingsoo Seal Zarah Seal Point Gold 2xGr.Ch. Tullamore Salvatore GGCCF CS A 12304 Seal Point
Gr.Ch. Tingsoo Subaye 12828 Seal Point
2xGr.Ch. Kachelle Just A Smidge GGCCF CS .4098 Seal Point Dbl.Gr.Ch. Kachelle Our Smidgey GC 3972 Seal Point CCC Ch./Gold Gr.Ch. Syrecks Sanctuary Cove GC3812 Chocolate Point
Ch. Marann Kami's Kayla GC3911 Blue Point
Ch. Jayhar Minnie Ha Ha GGCCF CS 4009 Seal Point CCC Ch./Gold Gr.Ch./Gold Gr.Pr. Jayhar Mystic Sno GCO1070 Foreign White
Jelsten Ming GC3991 Seal Point
Ch. Templeton Ashen Pearl GCO 2344 Lilac DbGr.Ch. Templeton Blue Sirocco GGCCF CS A 13390 Blue Gr.Ch. Bajimbi Ebony Chanadu 13074 Ebony Dbl Gr Ch Bajimbi Blue Martino 116254 Blue Point
Bajimbi Ebony Turi N 126686 Ebony
Thias Bohemia 13287 Havana SGCH Minghuar Sam Singh FQ 27911FSA Ebony
Minghuar Ma Cherie GGCCF CS A 13128 Lilac
BDbGr.Ch. Templeton Tickled Pink GGCCF CS A 13343 Lilac Point Minghuar Wahoo GGCCF CS A 13169 Havana Platinum Dbl. Gr.Ch. Penzance Maverick FQ 23419 Seal Point
DGCH Caaru Kartita FQ25638 Chocolate Tabby Point
Wingtai Indigo GGCCF CS A12970 Lilac Point Gd Ch Tala King Griffin GGCCF CS A 12768 Lilac Tabby Spotted
Wingtai Dee Lila Lite GCSA 12710 Lilac Point
Ardeleana's Milonga NL.NCT 2005-4396 Blue Point Yarriamba Didgeridoo V 20744 Seal Point Gr.Ch. Yarriamba Sirius 17882 Seal Point Gld Gd Ch Yarriamba Orion 15606 Seal Point Gr.Ch. Akira Acclaim V14449 Seal Point
Yarriamba Zaria V13695 Seal Point
Gr.Ch. Cyndylin Symphony Blue Point Gd.Ch. Cyndylin Sonata Blue Blue Point
Ch. Cyndylin Scheherezade Blue Point
Watirah Silhouette V16284 Ebony Gr.Ch. Rama Tall Dark N Handsom V14924 Ebony Gold 2xGr.Ch. Tullamore Salvatore GGCCF CS A 12304 Seal Point
Gr.Ch. Rama Forget Me Not FCC V 12714 Blue
Ch. Rama Delaware V14142 Seal Point SLV. Dbl.Gd.Ch. Maclae Gold Coast Hilton QFED 733089 Seal Point
Brz Gr.Ch. Rama Delphinium V12693 Blue Point
Caoimhe van Anatevka NL.FE.L03.Sia3.005.4 Chocolate Point Ch. Blue Isles Tazmania CFA 0276-1347679 Blue Point RW-GC Geishagoll Wild Blue Yonder CFA 0276-1141204 Blue Point Gd. Ch. Geishagoll Chinook CFA 0272-798250 Seal Point
Ch. Su-Su's Selene of Geishagoll CFA 0273-101-4220 Seal Point
Gd.Ch. Lilla B Keiko of Blue Isles CFA 0277-1249306 Blue Point Ch. Caru Michael of Lilla B CFA 0276-1101429 Blue Point
Ch. Geishagoll Angelina CFA 0275-832430 Lilac Point
Ch. Viva Veronica van Anatevka NL.FE.L00.Ori.009.1 Cinnamon Smoke Ch. Kattilan Choco Chakotay FIN SRK RX 21509 Chocolate Smoke Gr.Ch. Felitan Precious Boy of Kattilan FIN SRK 19843 K Black Silver Tabby Spotted
Ch. Valinorin Vivace FIN SRK RX 20626 Lilac Tabby Spotted
Joy-vonn's Bubbling Brown Sugar NL.FE.L94.OK.036.1 Havana Ch.Int. Drop-Ya-Gun van Anatevka NL.FE.L88.OK.031.5 Havana
Disaster Daisey van Anatevka NL.FE.L93.SI.068.1 Seal Point
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