Pedigree of: Roxette van Anatolios NL.NCT.2004-4572 Seal Point
Sex F Reg No. NL.NCT.2004-4572
Date of Birth 29 Sep 2004 Breed SIA n
Owner Tamboer, Marika & Henk Breeder Tamboer, Marika & Henk
Colour & Markings Seal Point Call Name Lady

Lady passed away to the other side of the rainbow on 25 December 2009 due to an intestinal tumor.

We will miss her very much.

Ankara's Beauty Boy of the Seals NL.NCT 2002-4518 Seal Point Gr.Int.Ch. Penzance Totally Awsome FQ 29788 Seal Point Platinum Dbl. Gr.Ch. Penzance Maverick FQ 23419 Seal Point Gold Gr.Ch. Minghuar Mikkail FQ19739 Seal Point Gold Dbl.Gr.Ch. Maclae Gold Coast King 191089 Seal Point
QLD Brz Gr.Ch. Minghuar Monique FQ 17391 Chocolate Point
Minghuar Maggy May FQ 22038 Seal Point Gold 2xGr.Ch. Tullamore Salvatore GGCCF CS A 12304 Seal Point
Dbl.Gr.Ch., Minghuar Myra Jane FQ 20465 Havana
Penzance Poppy FQ 28466 Seal Point Gr.Ch. Akira Acclaim V14449 Seal Point Ch. Annjay Blue Ashard V 7958 Blue Point
Ch. Jamadar Justine V13115 Seal Point
Ch. Penzance Holly FQ 22108 Chocolate Point Gold Gr.Ch. Minghuar Mikkail FQ19739 Seal Point
Silv. 2xGr.Ch. Tysley Lilac Toisarna FQ 17813 Lilac Point
Kimberley van Radzjpoetana NL.NCT 994320 Seal Point Lang Thai's Indian Dancer A-ÖVEK-LO-9911180 Seal Point Int.Ch. Lang Thai's Future Breeze A-ÖVEK-LO 9910690 Seal Tabby Point Ch. Idah's Prodigy A-ÖvEK-LO-9810688 Chocolate Point
Ch. Lang Thai's Obsession A-ÖvEK-LO-9810687 Seal Tabby Point
Lang Thai's Deep Blue Something A-ÖVEK-LO 9911173 Blue Point Eur.Gr.Int.Ch. Dapper-Dillons ZZ Top (N)NRR LO 108071 Seal Point
Lang Thai's Spoon Sugar KKO 2853LO Chocolate Point
Chantal van Radzjpoetana NL.NCT 964014 Seal Point Eur.Gr.Int.Ch. Besame Mucho of the Sweet Cats NL.FE.L94.S3.009.1 Chocolate Point Ch.Int. Chanteclair's Herkules DEKZV 175714 Chocolate Tabby Point
Okonor Mahagóni HU.MMOE LO47145/NL.FE.L93.OK.10 Havana
Gr.Ch.Int. Mistral van de Marcken NL.FE.L92.SI.065.3 Seal Point Eur.Gr.Ch.Int. Parthia Prelude GCCF CS 069441/NL.FE.L88.SI.GB.21 Chocolate Point
Ch. Johagry's Hachila-hannah NL.FE.L90.SI.050.1 Seal Point
Tosca van Ankara NL.NCT. 2003-4199 Ebony Gr.Eur.Ch. & Gr. Ch. Shantoga Risky Business GCCF CSSR 446202 Cinnamon Gr Ch. Merescliff Despard GCCF CSSR 365037 Havana Gr.Ch. Meisako Jamilah GCCF CS 294495 Lilac Point Ch. Culdrose Alexander GCCF CS 246534 Chocolate Point
Lillows Blueorchid GCCF CS 251812 Blue Point
Merescliff Casailda GCCF CSSR 206388 Cinnamon 5 IC's Sunjade Brandysnap GCCF CS EXP 089214 Cinnamon
Merescliff Renata GCCF CS EXP 153269 Chocolate Tabby Mackerel
Merescliff Margali GCCF CSSR 329136 Cinnamon AUST or UK Sayonara Method Champenois GCCF CSSR 179076 Caramel Adixish Champayne Accolade GCCF CS EXP 64716 Cinnamon
AUST or UK Sayonara Spellbound GCCF CSSR 129768 Ebony
Merescliff Mirella GCCF CSSR 294306 Cinnamon Palantir Hydentalents GCCF CSSR 234375 Havana
Ch. Merescliff Cassilda GCCF CSSR 206388 Cinnamon
Ch. Helena van Ankara NL.NCT 994348 Black Tabby Spotted Gr.Ch.Int. Ptah's Descendants Questino SDRV 05011360 cinnamon Eur.Ch. Cinzano Nikaoniadh NL.NCT 974328 Cinnamon Ch.Int. Braspenninck van de Overwaterhof NL.NCT 964110 cinnamon
Ch. De Meerpoel Lavendel Kiki NL.RvT. 79.681 Lilac
Ch.Int. Indah Unawatuna DEKZV 229200 Cinnamon Point Int. Ch. Indah Nanuc DEKZV 198537 Chocolate Tabby Spotted
Indah Surabaya DEKZV 217814 Cinnamon
Ch. Bloeme van Ankara NL.NCT 984035 Seal Tabby Point Eur.Ch. Sindbad von Wiesenredder DEKZV 2050028 Chocolate Point Ch. Martinez Jagger DEKZV 196116 Seal Point
Orplid's Aviva DEKZV 188571 Chocolate Tabby Point
Eur.Ch. Hearts And Flowers Lavendel NL.NCT 964005 Seal Tabby Point Ch. Par-Bleu's Chocolate Eclair NL.RvT. 70.472/NL.FE.L92.SI.NL.20 Chocolate Point
Hearts And Flowers Felicity NL.NCT 894404 Seal Tabby Point
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